Backpacking through LES with Everlane...

Reverse Denim Snap Backpack c/o Everlane // EIR NECKLACE WITH RAW QUARTZ CRYSTAL c/o LAB by Laura Busony

The Reverse Denim Snap Backpack by Everlane has accompanied me in many adventures and endeavours throughout the city. From backpacking to and from my 8 classes at FIT, to Gin Lane, to business meetings and showrooms, home in LES and back again, this knapsack has safely held my most prized possessions such as my Mac, Canon camera and other goods especially while traveling to different cities. Not to mention that a solid, double-take-worthy backpack is now a standard on the streets of New York nowadays, you might as well choose one with stability and swag. Goodbye JanSport, hello Everlane.

A special thank you to Everlane and Gin Lane

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