Bonjour! I am Kelsey

Lives and Breathes in: New York City
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Attends: Fashion Institute of Technology

Contributing Editor and Stylist to MANIAC Magazine/Fabric Styling Major/Trendforecasting & Style Blogger

My definition of style:
"Style is the creative and confident pursuit of fashion from within, to create as many different versions of yourself as possible"

My Story
 Once upon a time, as a little girl, fashion was what ran wild among my imagination. If fairytales and monsters were allowed to be real, so were my outlandish yet innocently sophisticated outfits at the age of seven. I never let anyone tell me what to wear, because I thought I knew I was allowed if I saw it in a fashion magazine. No one was my judge other than the editorial bibles I referred to when someone asked me why I was wearing something too dressy, out of date, or the least bit “unseen” within Pittsburgh while growing up.
In my eyes, Style has always been about being the girl or the woman I want to show the world. It has always been about expressing a higher form of art without having to paint, that showed I had a passion; one that would create the rest of my life, and all of the dreams inside of my head.
 Style is not about one look, one size, or one trend. It is a curious, intuitive feeling that we all endure. This feeling feeds off of inspiration all around us in our daily lives. The difference between good style, and a good sense of fashion, is that good style cannot be touched. Everybody’s style is individual, which is the most beautiful and interesting part about fashion. It is crucial not to diminish or bury that spark of adrenaline when you see a new dress in a fashion magazine, or an old vintage sweater you want to pull off but are afraid to. If you run with the crowd, you will lose a sense of your being, and an opportunity to touch lives in a different way other than socially or physically. That is what strikes me most.
 When I style myself or dress up, I ask myself two questions: what kind of woman do I want to be today, and what kind of mood am I in, physically and mentally?  Then I dress like it. Dressing like a different personality other than my own, inspires me to live culturally and socially. It excites me to experience different versions of myself and prevents me from ever feeling dull. I like to be a little bit of everything and everyone, so I know I’m not missing out on what life has to offer. Always brainstorm who you want to be, it will change each day! The rewarding part is how that goal shines through your ensemble.
                                                                                                            -Kelsey Panicco