WORKING WOMEN WANTED: Maniac Magazine September 2012, One of my most recent editorials

Sargeant-like seductive, Virginia Slaghekke, of Trump Models graced our September Editorial "Working Women Wanted" giving men a run for their money in this season's most desired vintage gloves, loafers, and Surface to Air red irridescent blazer. 
The 40's trend is making a comeback proving women can too- whether that be entering the workforce and making a difference in any career, via the medical field, corporate America or all of our favorites- the fashion industry. Allow your jewel-tones to do all the talking, and keep your Etienne Aigner handbags filled, there is a lot of work to be done and many contracts to be signed! 
Enter Kelly Osbourne, the incredible, lavender-haired fashion vixon takes things a bit rock-and-roll CHIC, this time around... Enjoy her inspiring article inside.

"WANTED: A 1940's-inspired working woman with as much drive and determination as the next man, someone who can walk the walk, make the sales, close the deals and manage a team - all while rocking fuchsia lips. Gear up for Fall and choose your career wardrobe of choice: whether it be iridescent suit pieces, pure leather medical bags, or lady-like bow ties, these are pieces guaranteed to seal any deal. And don't forget your vintage gloves, perfect for that memorable handshake. Watch out boys, these lustrous loafers are gonna walk all over you." by Kelsey Panicco

Working Women Wanted: Styled by Kelsey Panicco and Stacey Cunningham
                                              Photography by April Hubal
                                              Fashion Assistants, Francesca and Agnes Ojeh
                                              Photography Assistant, Cesar Soto
                                              Model Vigirginia Slaghekke  Trump Models

Kelly Osbourne Cover and story:  Photography by April Hubal

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