Laura Siegel Collection- NYFW

collection shot by Fashion Ace

To visit Laura's campaign video and collections visit here: http://www.laurasiegelcollection.com/

Siegel’s mission: To ethically handcraft easy-to-wear, textured designer pieces while enabling artisans in third world countries to continue their uniquely creative skills.

When I entered Siegel's presentation on Bowery, it was as if I traveled to another state- Arizona, Nevada, Montana, maybe? The models stood like desert warriors ready to take on the sun and dunes, completely equipped with over-sized, Native American/tribal accessories and hats, and leather-strapped boots and sandals to protect them from any mountainous climbing and uphill hiking through the sand. Collection styled by Stacey Cunningham.

Two words to describe this vibrantly-rugged collection- Desert Glory. The Bohemian trend has taken the spotlight again, this time with vibrant hues of hot pink and lime green, versus deep-matte purples, burgundies and chocolate browns. 

If you are a lover of sustainable textiles and designs, natural dying and hand-knitting, I may have just introduced you to your new favorite designer, Laura Siegel.

 It’s invigorating for anyone interested in the future of fashion to know that sustainable design can take a departure from the stale and bland to a world where the designs are as magnificent as the natural world that inspired them. Siegel is with out a doubt at the forefront of this exciting shift. ”-Lauren Jennings, CFDA Award Winner and Writer for the ICultivate blog

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