LORDS OF DOGTOWN Featuring Designer Chloe Amutio

dog-print button up tank with collar and matching shorts by Chloe Amutio 
Gold Fortune Cookie Necklace by ALISA MICHELLE pulled from YaYa Publicity
gold fortune cookie necklace by ALISA MICHELLE pulled from YaYa Publicity
black sunglasses by SPITFIRE and brown genuine-leather clutch by JENNIFER HALEY pulled from YaYa Publicity

Featuring: Dog-Print tank and matching shorts by CHLOE AMUTIO,  Black sunglasses by SPITFIRE, Gold Fortune Cookie Necklace by ALISA MICHELLE, Brown Genuine-Leather clutch by JENNIFER HALEY. Sunglasses, Necklace and Clutch thanks to YaYa Publicity

When Chloe showed me a certain ensemble designed by her (that yes, you ARE suppose to wear together) it sent my mind spinning with ideas, as well as inspiration to anyone and everyone that yes, you are allowed to mix prints together! 

Some may be entirely petrified of this trend, but as long as it looks good to your eye and the colors coordinate, it is A-okay in the fashion handbook. It also gives you a boost of confidence in order to take that leap of faith into mixing more complex patterns and colors, some that you may never think to wear together. The most important aspect of a successful look, in my eyes, is always about the silhouette; especially when it comes to mixing patterns. Try not to lose your body in certain over-bearing patterns or sizes. It always turns out positive when you stick to more form-fitting pieces when they embody exaggerated or large prints.

As soon as I saw the fabric of this ensemble, which consists of a whimsical-scattered dog print designed with a pair of bad-ass short shorts to match, one of my favorite movies instantly came to mind. 

"Lords of Dogtown" seemed to fit my outfit title perfectly when I thought of a grungy yet nostalgic day in New York, be it a sandy trip to Coney Island, or an underground adventure to the depths of Brooklyn. This outfit is the perfect amount of cool, grunge, trouble-making fun. The mysteriously connected black collar serves as mischief to a deep v-neck button up tank top. Not to mention the matching shorts that will get you through a hardcore day of skateboarding with your friends or scooting down the Piers on top of your bike. 

TROUBLE-MAKERS: Don't forget your good luck charm, Gold Fortune Cookie Necklace with gold tag stating "Today is your lucky day" by ALISA MICHELLE

Shot by Cesar Soto
Photos edited by me

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