Jet Set-Nassau Bahamas for MANIAC Magazine

Each Issue of MANIAC, we have a jet set feature, and for May/June 2012, we left our souls in our beloved cities and jet setted to Nassau, Bahamas to cover the legendary Compass Point Resort. Unlike any resort I have experienced, Compass Point was a complete hidden gem made up of cobble-stone pathways leading to fifteen different quaint and charming pastel-colored bungalows on stilts. This resort also included a beachside restaurant that was open from sunrise to sunset serving island delicacies such as Stuffed Whole Snapper topped with Avocado and Roasted Corn Salad, Tuna Steak and Wahoo Steak Served over Orzo Paella.

The words to describe our visit to this island are one-of-kind.Our experiences were packed with the most genuine and humble bahamian people, bus trips to Arawalk fish fry and downtown Nassau, conch salad stands filled with straight-from-the-sea natural ingredients and coconuts ready to be sliced for the freshest coconut water I have ever tasted, all day jet-skiing on the breathtaking waters, paddle boarding, and last but not least, getting aquainted with the island people by hopping on the back of their motorcycles; giving us a captivating tour of one of my new favorite places.

Compass Point Resort is a legend. Its musical roots extend further than one can imagine. Chris Blackwell, founder and owner of Island Records, opened Compass Point Resort for the musicians that would record just a mere distance away down the street. Compass Point Studios was opened in 1977, and the famous artists that set foot in that studio were known to have recorded some of the most chart-topping albums known in musical history. Such musicians that recorded there while staying at Compass Point, were Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Shikira, David Bowie, Jimmy Buffet, Puff Daddy and many more. Blackwell set out to scuplt a resort for artists, that would serve as their home-away-from-home, while recording for months on end. Unfortunately, Islands Records closed down two years ago, and Compass Point has remained and reopened as a public resort. My experiences on this island have opened my eyes to new people, new culture and customs, as well as new fashion.

My inspiration for all of my ensembles on this trip was to be living as an island disco girl, inspired by all of the bright colors in the Bahamas, mixed with my day-to-day glamour. This vacation will always be remembered as one of my favorites and one of my most fashionable.

Check out our video recorded above, of our adventures on this beautiful island (speakers on) ^


Photographer and Editor-in-chief of MANIAC Magazine, April Hubal

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