ALVIN VALLEY 5 days a week: THURSDAY #TresBrooklyn

         When I plan on spending an adventurous day in Brooklyn, I always feel motivated to experience a fresh side of my ever-changing style. I long to wear over-sized menswear with fitted pieces and get excited to create a killer combo by pairing my combat boots with a flowy maxi skirt. And you're never truly "Brooklyn" unless you can add a bad ass wide-brim hat to your already eccentric ensemble. This "oh-so brooklyn" edge brings out a side of myself that I usually don't sport in the city... which makes it all the more rejuvenating in the end. Deriving from the Parisian term for "a particularly cool combination of informality, creativity and quality", as quoted by The New York Times, this look is Tres Brooklyn.

shot by April Hubal

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