The Forecast: BATTER UP!! Downtown Ball

A. OK via OAK NYC genuine leather baseball cap // Michael Kors bag // ZARA mens boots // INC denim and puff jacket // H&M Sweater // Brooklyn Charm necklace

 Its that season again (fashion season, of course). Time to take those baseball caps to the fields... (I mean, streets). In the midst of New York Fashion Week, I am incredibly anxious to see who has the guts and athleticism to add these head toppers to any outfit! 

Our fathers and older brothers would be proud to see their old caps that have been collecting dust, brought out into the world again. Whether you're supporting your favorite baseball team, or have purchased a brand new leather ball cap property of 2013, Fashion Editors to supermodels Cara Delevingne and Dree Hemingway, and the music scene's most recent muse, Grimes, are sure not afraid to show their team spirit.


  1. Lovin' it Kelsey!!
    Keep up the good work, loving your creative talent!
    Are we going to see a photoshoot in the snow??
    Miss ya!

  2. These pictures are fabulous. LOVE that shell necklace.

  3. Love the last shot!! Killin' it xx