We are Fashion Foodies! "Be Wine" Featuring Celebrity Stylist, Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai for Be. Wine
A beautiful event and woman who taught me to not only live whimsical through the fashions we wear, but through the wine we choose to sip! Held at the gorgeous Haven's Kitchen in New York City

What: Treasury Wine Estates Launches Be. Its First line of Wine Aimed at Millennial Women

Who: Be. and Jeannie Mai are introducing a new way to pair wine- with your personal style and mood

 When and Where: Be. officially launched this past Spring and can be found in grocery stores and liquor stores across the U.S. Prices range between $9.99 & $12.99

About: Be. was created by winemaker Christine Spani, who is based  in the Central Coast of California at Treasury Wine Estates' Meridian offices where Be. is made. The four fun flavors are as follows-
  • Be. Fresh Chardonnay
  • Be. Radiant Riesling
  • Be. Flirty Pink Moscato
  • Be. Bright Pinot Grigio
Jeannie's Wine Style Tips:
  1. Get rid of the rules, drink your wine like you'd... style and outfit!
  2. Drink what you feel- pair your wine with your mood, not your food. The possibilties are endless!
  3. Dress for the occasion- wine can absolutely match your style!
Who is Jeannie Mai?
Aside from the beautiful, energetic, fiery woman I met the night of the Be. Wine event, Jeannie is a celebrity stylist and TV personality. You may know her as the host of the Style Network's show How Do I Look?, The Digital Fashionista on NBC's Fashion Star, and Makeover Guru on The Biggest Loser. She is frequently featured as a fashion expert on numerous television programs such as NBC's Today Show, Extra TV, and E!'s The Daily 10. Mai is popularly known as the "Wearapist" from her belief of turning wardrobe style into life therapy; specifically choosing colors and textures to empower your mood and influence your enviroment. Mai is also a hardcore food enthusiast who is on a constant search to find the world's most delicious meals, as chronicaled on her website. http://iheartjeanniemai.com/
information provided by Be. Wine

A true inspiration to a stylist myself, Jeannie was as down-to-earth, passionate and friendly as your best girlfriend is. I had a blast with her as she launched her event. I was grateful to meet her, and I am ecstatic she took the time to answer my curiosities:

1) Kelsey: Aside from interning before graduation as much as possible, what is your number one advice or philosophy to driven young women in fashion, like myself?
Jeannie: Find what you love to do within fashion- (Style ensembles? Create designs? Image consult for specific lifestyles? Tailor clothing?) Whatever you LOVE to do specifically within fashion, turn that into a service for women, and you will have created a career that will never feel like "work".

2) Kelsey: When you were starting out in fashion, what exactly did you decide to be when you "grew up" ?
Jeannie: When I was 24 I knew I had to decide on Mai Mission Statement that would be an "umbrella" to everything I do to keep me focused since I love to do so much! That mission statement turned out to be "Jeannie Mai celebrates people's potential." That is what I love to do today. As long as I am encouraging women, showcasing their best sides, influencing them to strut and make change, I am the best life stylist I can be.  
3) Kelsey: What was your big break, or that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that guided to where you are today? When did that happen?
Jeannie: I try not to focus on when a "made it" moment was because in this industry, I really feel blessed to have gotten as far as I have. And that's partly because I see every opportunity as a breakthrough. But if you were to ask about a most memorable moment, it would have to be 2011 speaking at the Maria Shriver Women's Conference about what empowering style can look like. I was wedged between Donna Karan and Jessica Simpson. That was kinda dope :)
4) Kelsey: Why Be Winery?
Jeannie: For the first time, I've found a wine that really does understand the sexy chameleon sides to every woman. We enjoy life more when we have the right mood and attitude, and Be. allows us to style our insides to match our outsides. Yesterday I was just having a "Bright" Be. wine, when tonight I'm looking forward to being "Radiant" for my night out! Who would have thought that style can have a flavor :)

THANK YOU Be. Wine, & Jeannie Mai for a magical, inspiring evening!
xoxo, Fashion Ace, Kelsey

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